U.S. evangelist Billy Graham released from hospital

ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA (BNO NEWS) -- U.S. evangelist Billy Graham was released from a hospital in North Carolina Tuesday after being hospitalized for several days for treatment of a bronchial infection, his spokesman said, adding that he is in good health and good spirits.

The well-known 93-year-old evangelist was admitted to Mission Hospital in Asheville on early Sunday morning and administered antibiotics after developing a pulmonary infection which turned out to be bronchitis. He returned to his home in Montreat on Tuesday afternoon after responding well to treatment.

"His treatment for bronchial infection was prompt and successful and he is feeling much better today," the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) said in a statement. "Mr. Graham will require some days of rest and recuperation at home before returning completely to his usual routine."

Graham's spokesman, A. Larry Ross, said the evangelist kept his routine while at Mission Hospital and interacted with family and medical staff. "Billy Graham's pulmonologist said he had a quick recovery and responded well to treatment and, despite the illness, is a remarkably healthy 93-year-old," Ross said.

As he departed Mission Hospital, Graham commended the doctors and nurses at the facility for their care during his stay. "Mission Hospital's dedicated professionals administered prompt treatment to restore my health and allow me to return home quickly," Graham said. He also expressed gratitude for the prayers and letters he received from people around the world.

Graham was previously hospitalized for successful treatment of pneumonia in November 2011. His staff said he has been in overall good health since his release, though he mostly remains at his home in Montreat due to his old age. Nonetheless, he is still actively involved in his ministry and is working on a new book summarizing his Gospel message over the past seven decades of public ministry.

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