Kenya: At least 54 killed in community clashes

NAIROBI, KENYA (BNO NEWS) -- The death toll reached 54 as communities clashed in land disputes in Kenya, local authorities said Wednesday.

The deadly clashes took place on Tuesday night when members of the Pokomo community attacked Orma community settlements at the Reketa area of Kenya's Tana River in Coast Province.

Mombasa deputy police chief Joseph Kitur confirmed the death toll, detailing that among the dead were 34 women, 11 children, and seven men, according to Capital FM. In addition, sixty cows were killed.

Kitur told the media outlet that 34 people were hacked to death, as the attackers slashed villagers before setting their houses on fire.

Since last month, both communities have disputed control over the land, pasture and water, but the attack marks the deadliest in their history. Police are carrying out ongoing investigations.

The Pokomo and Orma communities have previously had violent encounters on a number of occasions. At least 130 people were killed in a series of clashes in 2001 between both communities in the same area.

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