WWII bomb explodes in Munich, no injuries

MUNICH, GERMANY (BNO NEWS) -- A World War II bomb on Tuesday night exploded in Munich after authorities were unable to defuse it, officials said Wednesday.

A 250 kilogram (550 pound) bomb was found buried around one meter (three feet) underground in the heart of Munich and at the site of the former Schwabinger 7 bar on Monday during construction work. On Tuesday night, just before 10 p.m. local time, the explosive detonated, forming a large fireball into the sky.

Authorities had previously evacuated around 2,500 people and removed several vehicles from the area in order to avoid any accidents. Despite several fires breaking out and a number of rooftops catching fire due to the explosion, no injuries were reported. The fires were caused by hay stacks that had been placed to reduce explosive concussion, but they caught fire and some drifted on a number of rooftops.

The strong blast was heard all around the city. By Wednesday morning, most of the residents had been allowed to return and streets were reopened.

It is not uncommon to find unexploded bombs around the country, as officials have estimated some 2,500 bombs continue to buried under the city.

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