Clashes kill at least 38 in southeastern Kenya

NAIROBI, KENYA (BNO NEWS) -- At least 38 people were confirmed dead after land disputes triggered violent clashes in southeastern Kenya, local authorities said Monday.

Members of the Pokomo community raided the village of Orma on Sunday, but clashes have been ongoing. Kenya Red Cross Secretary General Abbas Gullet said around 167 houses were set on fire while hundreds of head of cattle were driven away or hacked to death.

Coast Provincial Commissioner Samuel Kilele told the press in Mombasa that military deployment to the Coastal region of Tana Delta is necessary if the violent clashes continue, Capital FM reported.

According to the Red Cross, over 300 people raided the community and also attacked police officers stationed at a security post. Among the 28 killed were also a number of police officers.

Kilele also announced the arrest of two chiefs and two assistant chiefs in relations to the attacks.

Since July, both communities have disputed control over the land, pasture and water, but the attack marks one of the deadliest. Late last month at least 52 people were killed after similar clashes broke out between members of both communities in the Reketa area of Tana River.

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