Two killed in violent protests after gunmen kill local politician in Kenya

KISUMU, KENYA (BNO NEWS) -- At least two people were killed Monday when protests turned violent hours after the murder of a politician in western Kenya, local media reported. Four other people were wounded as police battled against violent protesters.

The demonstrators gathered on Monday morning in the Kondele slum located in Kisumu, the lake-side city in Kenya's western Nyanza Province, after the Kisumu Town West ODM chairman and aspiring politician, Shem Onyango Kwega, was shot and killed by unknown assailants.

Kwega received a fatal gunshot wound to the head as he drove into town along with his wife, according to Capital FM. Reports said the loc politician succumbed to his injuries after being rushed to an area hospital. Kwega's wife was also wounded and being treated at the Aga Khan Hospital.

Shortly after the incident, protesters gathered and violently confronted security forces. Capital FM said police fired gunshots at a number of people, killing two protesters and injuring four others. In addition, one police officer was reported injured after being hit with a rock that was hurled against them.

Two rival criminal groups have emerged in Kisimu, causing violent tensions in the lake-side city, although it had been relatively calm recently. Kwega had represented some hope for locals as many expected him to be able to bring the city back together and reduce violence.

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