Death toll reaches 6 in Moscow shooting rampage

MOSCOW, RUSSIA (BNO NEWS) -- A sixth victim died on Thursday morning after a shooting rampage at a pharmaceutical firm in the Russian capital of Moscow a day earlier, prosecutors said. The gunman carried out the massacre after his girlfriend had broken up with him earlier this year.

The shootings happened on Wednesday morning when Dmitry Vinogradov, 30, entered the Moscow office building of the pharmaceutical company where he was employed. CCTV images showed Vinogradov calmly walking through the building's security checkpoint before later arming himself with two semi-automatic assault rifles.

Russia's Investigative Committee said Vinogradov first opened fire at four colleagues who were sitting at their desks, killing the two men and two women. On the stairs leading to the office, the gunman opened fire at other colleagues, killing a man and critically injuring a man and a woman. The injured man died on Thursday, raising the overall death toll to six.

The suspect was later taken into custody by the building's security staff which had heard the gunshots.

Authorities believe the massacre was carried out after a woman broke off her romantic relationship with Vinogradov in January, and the man's efforts to get back together with her were unsuccessful. He told police he had been drinking excessively for five days before opening fire on Wednesday.

Vinogradov, who is a lawyer for the firm, also left a shocking letter on the European social networking website VKontakte hours before the shooting spree. In the manifesto, the man expressed his hatred of humanity and said all human life should be destroyed, saying that there are not enough wars and diseases to do this.

"I am sure that I have good reason to believe all of humanity is cancer living on this planet," the letter said, according to a translation provided by Russian television station RT. "Already in 2011 the world population reached seven billion, and this is despite the fact that current consumption rates already exhausted the Earth's resources."

The manifesto added: "I hate the human society, and I hate to be a part of it, I hate the futility of human life, I hate this very life, I see only one way to justify it: to destroy as many particles of human compost as possible. ... Understand that you are not wanted here, you are the genetic garbage that is here on Earth because of an error in the evolution. You are trash that needs to be destroyed."

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