Report: Lebanon sentences 23 to death over 2007 conflict

Lebanon's Judicial Council has sentenced 23 people to death over their alleged involvement in fighting between the Islamist militant group Fatah al-Islam and Lebanese security forces in 2007, local media reported on Friday, citing judicial sources. The 2007 conflict was the worst since Lebanon's civil war.

The Daily Star newspaper said the 23 convicts were members of Fatah al-Islam, which Lebanon has classified a terrorist organization. Another defendant was sentenced to seven years in prison while 25th suspect, identified as Fadi Ibrahim, was found innocent and released from custody.

Court documents allege that the group had planned to weaken Lebanon's government to create a "takfiri fundamentalist emirate" in the country's north before expanding to other areas.

Some 460 people died in the 2007 conflict, including 170 security forces, 64 civilians and as many as 226 militants, according to official figures.

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