‘House of Cards’ season 3 briefly appears online weeks early

The new season of the popular drama series House of Cards briefly appeared on Netflix on Wednesday, more than two weeks before its scheduled release date, but it appears to have been a mistake as the episodes were taken down within an hour - though not before some people had watched the first episode.

The season premiere - 'Chapter 27' - along with nine other episodes from season three appeared on the website on Wednesday afternoon, though the season's three final episodes were missing. It also revealed the summaries for each of the ten episodes, including the one for the season premiere that said Underwood's presidency is off to a "rocky start."

There was no immediate explanation for how the episodes appeared online more than two full weeks early. "This is Washington. There's always a leak. All 13 episodes will launch February 27," the official 'House of Cards' Twitter account said in response to Wednesday's brief upload.

People who logged in while the episodes were online were able to continue watching even after it had been taken down.

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