[REPORT] Nemtsov’s girlfriend under police protection after death threats – Ukrinform

Anna Durytska, the sole witness of last week’s shooting death of former Boris Nemtsov, is under police protection after receiving a number of death threats at her home in Ukraine, Ukraine’s prosecutor’s office said on Friday, according to the Ukrinform news agency.

Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin has instructed police authorities to “take all necessary measures” to protect Anna Durytska, a Ukrainian model and Nemtsov’s girlfriend, after she told police that several people were threatening to kill her.

"Currently, security measures are being made to protect the life and health of Anna Durytska," the news agency quoted the prosecutor general’s office as saying. "Attorney General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin has instructed to take all necessary measures to protect the life of Anna Durytska, the witness in the murder case of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov."

Duritskaya was walking with Nemtsov on Friday night last week as he was gunned down near the Kremlin in Moscow. She was not injured and was questioned by investigators, who intiailly prevented her from leaving the country for security concerns. She returned home on late Monday.

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