Freddie Gray was ‘banging against walls’ after arrest, prisoner says – report

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND (BNO NEWS) -- Freddie Gray, whose unexplained death in police custody has sparked days of protests and riots in the city of Baltimore, was "banging against the walls" of a police transport van and may have intentionally injured himself, according to a prisoner who was also in the van.

The Washington Post, citing sealed court documents it obtained through a source, said the second prisoner was separated from Gray by a metal partition and could not see him. The prisoner, who was not immediately identified by the newspaper, told investigators that he could hear Gray banging against the walls while being transported, which made him believe that Gray was "intentionally trying to injure himself."

It is unclear if the prisoner's account is supported by any additional evidence. Investigators are expected to finish their investigation into Gray's death later this week and are yet to release details about the high-profile case.

Gray, 25, was arrested on a weapons charge on April 12 and was found to be unconscious when the police transport van arrived at a police station. He died days later of a severe spinal cord injury, but officers have denied using force during Gray's arrest. The incident has since resulted in protests alleging police brutality against African Americans, and subsequently caused riots in Baltimore.

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