18 dead, others missing after storms in Texas, Oklahoma

HOUSTON, TEXAS (BNO NEWS) -- At least eighteen people have been killed and more than a dozen remain missing after storms and flooding hit parts of Texas and Oklahoma, local authorities said on Tuesday.

Eleven people were confirmed to have died in Texas, while authorities in neighboring Oklahoma reported that at least seven people had died in the severe weather. Thirteen people were missing in Hays County, Texas, including eight people who were in a vacation home that was swept away by a "wall of water."

Among those killed in Texas were four people in Texas, including an unidentified male, a 50-year-old female whose body was recovered by a police helicopter, a third victim whose body was found in vehicle after it had been towed, and an Asian man of unknown age. "There is a high likelihood that the Asian male is the same Asian male that was lost during the water rescue early this morning where the evacuation boat capsized," the city's emergency operations center said in an update.

Two people - an elderly couple aged 85 and 87 - remain missing in Houston.

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