Beijing chosen to host 2022 Winter Olympics

The Chinese capital of Beijing has been chosen to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, beating the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan and making Beijing the first city to host both a summer and winter edition of the Olympic Games.

Beijing aims to use the Games to accelerate the development of a new sport, culture and tourism area, and to encourage interest in winter sports in a region that is home to more than 300 million people in northern China. The vote at the 128th International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session in Kuala Lumpur was 44-40 for Beijing.

Beijing’s proposed budget for investment in Olympic villages, sports venues and other infrastructure totals 1.5 billion US dollars – significantly less than for Olympic Games in the past. The IOC says the proposed operational budget should be fully offset by revenue from ticket sales, marketing sponsorships and other income. In addition to Beijing's budget, the IOC will contribute approximately 880 million US dollars to support the staging of the Olympic Winter Games in 2022.

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