Death toll from Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in NYC rises to 7

The death toll from the Legionnaires' disease outbreak in New York City has risen to at least seven, the city's health department reports, while the total number of cases continues to increase.

The three latest victims died last week but were not reported to the health department until Sunday. "All deceased individuals were older adults and had additional underlying medical problems," the department said in a statement on Monday. The number of cases in the month-long outbreak has also increased to 81, of whom 64 remain hospitalized.

"New York City’s drinking water supply and other water features, like fountains, shower heads and pools, are safe throughout New York City and are unaffected by legionella," the statement said. "Water towers are unaffected by legionella. Home air conditioner units are unaffected and walking into air conditioned environments is safe, as well."

The outbreak in the Bronx began on July 10. Legionnaires' disease has been found in 5 cooling towers so far, and remediation has been completed at all five locations. The disease was also found at Lincoln Hospital, Concourse Plaza, the Opera House Hotel, Verizon, and Streamline Plastic Co., but all sites have since been cleared.

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