Sheriff’s deputy ambushed and shot dead at Houston gas station

A sheriff's deputy was ambushed and shot dead at a gas station in northwest Houston on late Friday, prompting a manhunt for the person responsible.

Harris County Sheriff's Office spokesman Thomas Gilliland said the attack happened at about 8:21 p.m. CT when the deputy was pumping gas at the Chevron gas station on West Road and Telge Road, which is located within Houston's city limits. "He walked up behind the deputy and shot him," Gilliland said.

Gilliland said the deputy fell to the ground, after which the suspect fired additional shots before leaving the scene in a dark red Ford Ranger. Police said there was no apparent motive for the shooting, adding that the deputy had returned from a routine traffic incident. "It's a very bizarre incident," Gilliland said.

The suspect is described as a male with a dark complexion who was wearing a white t-shirt and red shorts.

The identity of the deputy was not immediately released, but his family has been notified. He was a 10 year veteran.

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