ISIS burns alive 4 Iraqi fighters in horrific new video

The Islamic State (ISIS) group has burned alive four Iraqi fighters in a horrific new video distributed online on Monday.

The victims in the video were identified as fighters from the People's Mobilization force, which was formed by the Iraqi government in June 2014 to combat Islamic State militants. The five-minute video showed the men suspended from a swingset with their hands and feet tied together as four trails of fire approached them. Flashes to other scenes showed the men as they burned alive before a final shot showed their charred remains.

The horrific killings were apparently meant to avenge the deaths of four men who were allegedly killed in a similar manner by pro-government forces.

It is unknown when or where the latest video was filmed, but it marks yet another escalation in the group's use of online footage to terrorize its enemies. A video released in June depicted one group of prisoners being drowned in a metal cage, a second group being killed with explosives strapped around their necks, and a third group burning alive in a car that was hit by an RPG.

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