Bernie Sanders raises $26 million in 3rd quarter, breaks record with online fundraising

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders raised about $26 million in campaign funding during the third quarter, finishing just behind Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton but setting an all-time record for small donations.

Sanders campaign spokeswoman Symone Sanders said $2.07 million was raised on the last day of the third quarter alone through online fundraising. "That's a record day for us. That puts our total raised for the third quarter at about $26 million," the spokeswoman said. The last day figure includes $502,000 that was raised in the last 2.5 hours alone.

So far in the campaign, about 1.3 million donations have been given by some 650,000 individual donors, setting an all-time record for small donations, Observer.com reported, surpassing President Barack Obama who set milestones during his 2008 and 2012 campaigns with more than a million donations.

In comparison, front-runner Clinton raised $28 million during the same period, relying more often on larger donors to fund her campaign.

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