Former Obama aide Brandon Lepow dies of leukemia at 32

Brandon Lepow, a longtime aide to U.S. president Barack Obama, has died at age 32 after a long battle with leukemia. In a statement, Obama remembered Lepow as “hardworking, cheerful” and “unfailingly kind and gracious.”

Lepow died on Monday evening, the president said in a statement.

“We all have heavy hearts today – and all of us, Michelle and I included, share our condolences and all our support with Brandon’s family, his legion of friends, and his wonderful and courageous wife, Theresa,” Obama said in his statement. “Theirs is one of the great love stories. They, in many ways, kept the rest of us going. And Theresa will always be a part of our family.”

Obama added: “Brandon Lepow got into politics because he believed he could change his country for the better. And in his time on the campaign trail and in the White House, both as a traveling aide and as a spokesman, he was tireless in that effort.”

Lepow’s wife Theresa said in a Facebook post last weekend that Brandon was suffering serious complications from a stem cell transplant. “To say that Brandon is a fighter, doesn't even begin to explain the strength and courage he has,” she wrote. “I am so proud of him in the way he has chosen to leave this world.”

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