2 additional suspects sought in connection with Paris terror attacks

Belgian and French police services are looking for two additional suspects in connection with last month's terror attacks in Paris, Belgian prosecutors said on Friday.

The investigation has revealed that fugitive Salah Abdeslam traveled to the Hungarian capital of Budapest on two occasions in September. During one of those trips, on September 9, Abdeslam went through a check at the Hungary-Austria border while accompanied by two persons who are now known to have used fake Belgian identity cards.

The fake identity cards used the names Samir Bouzid and Soufiane Kayal. The false identity of Kayal was also used to rent a house in the Belgian town of Auvelais, where a police raid was carried out on November 26. Bouzid's false identity card was also used four days after the Paris attacks to transfer 750 euros through Western Union to Hasna Aït Boulahcen, the niece of mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

"Both suspects are actively tracked down by Belgian and French police services," the prosecutor's office said in a statement. A notice from Belgian police described the two men as "armed and dangerous," and urged anyone who sees them to immediately notify police by calling 0032 2 640 35 47.

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