15 Single Men Share Why Theyre Still Single (So You Can Stop Asking)

1. “I’m 24, I have about 6 more years until I have to settle down. I’m going to make the most of this time while I still can.” Brian, 24

2. “I haven’t found a girl who has made say, ‘I want to date her.’ Maybe I’m being picky, or maybe I actually have standards.” Luke, 26

3. “Chicks are crazy. They’re either suffocated by the attention that you give them, or complaining that you don’t give them enough. We can’t win. That’s why I have no interest in being in a relationship.” Andrew, 25

4. “I’ve had three serious girlfriends, all of which have cheated on me. I think that pretty much explains itself.” Zach, 25

5. “Until I meet a woman that I can’t live without, I don’t feel it’s necessary to make any form of commitment to her.” Daniel, 26

6. “I wouldn’t say I’m not looking for a relationship, I just haven’t found a girl worth having one with. Hooking up is fun and all, but I actually enjoy the benefits of having a girlfriend.” Brayden, 25

7. “Every time I find a girl that I consider having a relationship with, I run into someone who is 20 times hotter, it’s like the universe is telling me there’s more fish in the sea.” Ben, 23

8. “Right now I’m committed to my job, and that’s already enough to handle. I’m still young, I have my whole life to worry about a woman.” Jarrett, 24

9. “I work with basically all men. The only time I meet women is out at the bar, and usually we’re both extremely intoxicated which isn’t exactly laying the foundation for a good relationship.” Aaron, 25

10. “I’m looking for a very specific type of woman. She has to be a secure intellectual whose confidence does not depend on me. I’m still looking for her, which is why I’m still single.” Peter, 25

11. “I think women are quick to assume that I’m a commitment phobe. That is far from true. I’m more than willing to commit to you, but you have to give me reason to. I’m not scared of commitment I’m scared of committing to a woman who isn’t worth it.” Kyle, 26

12. “My friends would say I’m still single because I have no game. I like to think that my introverted personality just hasn’t attracted the right girl.” Cameron, 25

13. “It’s all about connection for me, and while I can be physically attracted to a woman, that’s not going to make me date her. I have to be physically and emotionally connected to her, and it’s tough to find both.” Sam, 27

14. “I messed up a few times in my past, like the type of mess ups that leave you with a criminal record. Nothing major like murder or robbery. I’m not a psycho, but I used to drink a lot and it got me into some trouble. When I tell girls that they suddenly become really hesitant.” James, 25

15. “I’m with the same exact people every weekend. You’d think it’d be easy to meet someone new, especially since I live in a city, but it’s really not. The whole online thing has been a complete failure too. It’s times like these when I consider reaching out to my ex.” Steve, 24

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