Alabama: Governor’s private actions are none of your business

(CNN)Will the people of Alabama vote to impeach Gov. Robert Bentley in the wake of the latest political sex scandal to consume the media waves?

Seems they will certainly try. On Tuesday, a bipartisan group of Alabama lawmakers announced impeachment proceedings will begin in response to allegations that the Republican governor, serving his second term, had an adulterous affair with former staffer Rebekah Mason.
    The charges come after the release of audiotapes “of a sexual nature” from a conversation that allegedly took place between Bentley and Mason in 2014. Although Bentley is now divorced, both were married at the time.
    Though Bentley has denied having a physical affair, he does acknowledge it’s his voice on the recording, and that the comments were inappropriate, though not illegal. Mason has not commented on the tape, though she has since resigned.


    Let’s consider how news of the affair came to light: described by a man, Spencer Collier, the former head of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, whom Bentley had fired. He told a press conference he’d heard the audio recordings with his boss, who got them from a representative of the Bentley family. The family was apparently trying to find out if Bentley was having an affair. Certainly no self-serving motives there.
    In 2014, Bentley was re-elected to a second term, which would seem to indicate people think he’s doing a good job. If he were having an affair at the time, it would seem it did not impact his performance at work. Along with the suggestions of an affair, there have been allegations that Bentley misappropriated taxpayer funds in order to cover up an illicit relationship. If that’s the case, that’s different that’s your business, Alabama — and, if found to be true, he should face consequences.
    As far as his dirty talk goes, though: Until we clean up our own acts, it’s frankly none of our business.

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