Theres Now A Dating Site For People Who Love Disney

Theres now a dating site for people who love their moms Disneyland. As in, the theme park designed for toddler sized children. As if thats not creepy enough, the app is called Mouse Mingle. Pretty sure its a trap of some sort.

Except for maybe the exception of JDate and Seeking Arrangement, dating sites that are targeted towards a specific group of people just seem redundant. Like, thats what the about me section is for. Theres definitely an app out there for beer lovers and pet owners and its like stop trying to make your app happen, its never going to happen.

Apparently the founder decided to create this site because, It sounds like he is more than just interested in Disney, if thats his dealbreaker criteria for a girlfriend. So basically he created a site based on an obsession. Cool.

Its not just for the casual Disney fans, warns the site. Its meant for those who truly love Disneyland parks. Like if you actually kind of believe in magic and you have several tattoos of Disney characters kind of love.

Oh God, we can already imagine the Disney themed weddings that are going to come out of this site.

Though on the plus side, if someone you meet on this dating site ghosts on you, youll know where to find them: The Haunted Mansion where all the ghosts go.

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