Veterans charity that gave less than 2% to veterans closes

The National Vietnam Veterans Foundation (NVVF), a charity that was recently found to be giving less than 2 percent of its revenue to veterans, announced Wednesday that it is closing.

"Tom Burch has resigned from the Foundation and NVVF is shutting down completely,” David Kaufman, the charity's vice president, said in an email to CNN. “All fundraising has ceased and the only thing being done is the distribution of blankets, personal care kits and related items in the warehouse."

Earlier this year, CNN reported that public tax returns revealed that the charity took in $29 million over four years but nearly all of the money was directed towards telemarketers and fundraisers, rather than spent trying to help veterans.

Among other things, it was found that in one year the charity paid a parking garage bill of $8,000. The Charity Navigator, a charity watchdog organization that evaluates charitable organizations, gave the foundation zero out of four stars.

The charity president, Thomas Burch, also has a full-time job working as a government lawyer with the Veterans Affair agency in Washington. Attempts made by CNN to contact Burch through phone and email were unsuccessful.

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