Train derailment in northwest Spain kills 4, injures 47

At least four people have been killed and dozens more are injured after an international train partially derailed in Spain's northwestern region of Galicia, officials say. The cause of the derailment was not immediately known.

The accident happened at around 9:30 a.m. local time on Friday when the train - which was carrying a total of 65 people - partially derailed just outside the O PorriƱo railway station in Pontevedra, which is the capital of the province that carries the same name.

Photos from the scene showed that the first carriage had completely derailed and struck what appeared to be a radio tower. Two other carriages suffered only a minor derailment while the other half of the train did not leave the tracks.

Regional emergency services reported that at least four people had been killed in the accident and 47 others have been injured, including one person who remains in a critical condition. Most of the injuries are believed to be minor.

There was no immediate word on what caused Friday's derailment. The train - which was operated by Portuguese railway operator Comboios de Portugal - had left the Spanish city of Vigo at 9:02 a.m. and was en-route to Porto in Portugal when the accident occurred.

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