Bystanders watch as a woman is stabbed in India

A woman was stabbed to death more than 22 times in broad daylight on Tuesday in a crowded street in the capital, Delhi.

CCTV footage captured a man on a motorcycle approaching the school teacher Karuna, 22, and stabbing her multiple times as people walked by.

The footage also shows the suspect hitting Karuna on the head with a stone and kicking her.

Locals did eventually attempt to intervene when the suspect tried to escape. The suspect has been arrested and is facing murder charges.

Surender Singh, 34, harassed the victim for about a year. In response, Karuna’s family lodged a complaint about four-five months ago and both the families of the victim and of the suspect had reportedly reached a compromise, according to local media.

Images of the murder have caused outrage with the public.

The stabbing is the second that has occurred in the Indian capital where a woman is fatally attacked by an alleged stalker.

Laxmi, 28, and a mother of two, was stabbed to death in West Delhi on Sunday evening, two months after she filed a complaint against a neighbour who had been harassing her for six years.

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