‘Disgruntled’ lawyer opens fire in Houston, injuring 9

A disgruntled lawyer wearing an old Nazi uniform opened fire at vehicles near a shopping center in southwest Houston, injuring nine people at random before being killed in a shootout with police, officials say.

The incident began at 6:29 a.m. on Monday when emergency services responded to reports of a shooting outside a shopping center in the area of Wesleyan Street and Bissonnet Street. When the first units arrived at the scene, it was determined to be an active shooter as shots were still being fired.

Richard Mann, of the Houston Fire Department, said the shooter was firing at people who were driving in their vehicles. It is unclear whether the shooter was outside on the street or whether he was firing from inside a nearby apartment complex, but witnesses reported hearing dozens of gunshots.

Interim Police Chief Martha Montalvo said officers located the shooter a short time after arriving at the scene. The suspect opened fire at police, after which the officers returned fire, striking him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Montalvo said nine victims were injured, including six people who were transported to area hospitals and three people who were treated at the scene. Of those taken to hospital, one person was critically injured and a second person suffered serious injuries. All appeared to have been shot at random.

The suspect's vehicle was located near the scene and the Houston Police Department's bomb squad responded as a precaution to secure the car and to check the suspect's body. Several weapons were found inside the vehicle, which is a Porsche, according to Montalvo.

The motive was not immediately known but police said the suspect was a local lawyer who had "issues" concerning his law firm. The man was also wearing a Nazi uniform at the time of the shooting but it was not immediately clear whether it was linked to the man's motive.

Nazi paraphernalia was also found inside the man's apartment, as well as other material dating back to the Civil War, police said.

One woman told reporters that she was driving in her vehicle when her car was fired upon and bullets shattered her front window. She was not injured. Another witness reported hearing dozens of gunshots being fired.

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