Osmiridium Coin Develops New Extreme Density Un-Counterfeitable Platinum Group Metal Coins

May 10, 2017 - (Newswire)

Dr. Eric Thorsgard, CEO of Cutting Edge Opportunities (DBA Osmiridium Coin), has perfected the technology to make extreme density (22g/cc) coins from osmium and iridium. These two elements possess extreme properties, such as a theoretical density of 22.5g/cc. Osmium in particular has a melting point of 5,500°F. These properties have stood in the way of manufacturing coins with a density close to the 22.5g/cc theoretical density. New technology and experimentation has allowed Dr. Thorsgard to develop the protocols and procedures to produce these new coins.

Cutting Edge Opportunities (DBA Osmiridium Coin) will introduce 15,000 limited edition coins in June.

These 15,000 limited edition coins will be made of pure osmium and will have a unique, first-ever, numismatic value as well as intrinsic value due to the scarcity of the platinum group metal. Following the introduction of the 15,000 limited edition osmium coins, the osmiridium coins will be made of either osmium or iridium and marketed as bullion coins.

Osmiridium is the name given to a metal that is the combination of the two elements osmium and iridium, which are located side by side on the periodic chart of the elements. Both metals have a theoretical density that is slightly above 22.5g/cc, making them the densest elements in existence. The osmiridium coins will be the first-ever precious metal coins that can be traded with absolute confidence between people with no special analytical knowledge. This is history in the making and has never been done before.

“My goal is to generate interest in osmiridium as a uniquely safe way to buy and sell precious metals for wealth protection and portfolio diversification,” says Dr. Thorsgard. “I want to ensure these uncounterfeitable coins exist. If fact, if anyone wants to get in on the production and sale of these extreme density coins, I encourage them to contact me. I am willing to discuss sharing my research and protocols.”

Typically, the more gold is worth, the more incentive there is for individual criminals, criminal organizations or rogue governments to make counterfeit gold coins. But with the properties of osmiridium, it cannot be counterfeited or contaminated without changing its size or weight. Dr. Thorsgard believes that the first possible consequence of producing extreme density osmium coins will be to push the current price of osmium up to the price of iridium, from $400 per ounce to over $900 per ounce. The second possible consequence will be that the price of both osmium and iridium will continue to climb.

Iridium has increased from a price of $520 per ounce to $945 per ounce in the last 9 months.

Here is a link to daily prices.


“The price of Rhodium went from $400/oz. to $10,000/oz. due to speculation,” says Dr. Thorsgard. “A company making osmiridium coins ought to stimulate a similar speculation price increase.

For more information, visit OsmiridiumCoin.com.

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Eric Thorsgard - CEO, Cutting Edge Opportunities

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