Bra Genie Wins Northshore’s Best 6th Year in a Row

May 12, 2017 - (Newswire)

The Bra Genie store is a one-stop shop for women to get properly fitted for bras and year-round swimwear, and stocks only the best quality and value products with over 200 bra-sized options for purchase. 

"We are just as thrilled now as we were the first time we were recognized as being Northshore's best lingerie store," says hands-on owner Jeanne "Genie" Emory. "It is a testimony to the mission of Bra Genie to be the best option for women who truly care about getting fitted in order to look and feel their absolute best." 

The 18 bra fitting experts at Bra Genie start the process by properly measuring women and ensuring they understand what makes the perfect fit. Emory says that since all women are different, it's important they should know that guessing their cup and band size is not an option if comfort, support, and a long-lasting bra are the goal.

Emory says that often a woman will want to purchase more of the exact same size and style she bought in the past, but that it's important for them to come in to re-try the style and even to try new ones, as a woman's body shifts and changes on average 6 times in her life, and manufacturers constantly come out with new and better styles and fabrics.  

While Emory admits that the idea of being fitted can be uncomfortable to some, fitters at Bra Genie are trained to be personable, make the experience discreet and even sometimes fun for each client — yes, fun. And that's precisely why Bra Genie has been chosen by consumers as the Northshore's Best Lingerie Store for the sixth year in a row.

“This is a supportive environment,” she says, pardoning the pun. “We don’t just size someone and send them out into the store on their own. We bring everything to them, educate them about the wear and care of each brand and style, and give them options for their bra wardrobe they hadn't even thought of! We care about the entire process and see ourselves as their intimate apparel personal shopper.”

Bra Genie has an online store, but Emory says the first step is definitely the fit, as every style and brand runs different.  Bra fitting experts at Bra Genie Mandeville start the customer relationship in the 3,500-square-foot store with over 200 bra size options. Walk-ins are always welcome, but for more information, or to schedule an expert bra fitting, call (985) 951-8638 in Mandeville, (225) 223-6114 in Baton Rouge or visit thebragenie.com.

Original Source: https://www.newswire.com/news/bra-genie-wins-northshores-best-6th-year-in-a-row-19536774

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