Masters at Home and Abroad Attending Water Rhyme Jiangsu and Presenting Holistic Tourism via Photography

May 12, 2017 - (Newswire)


Water Rhyme Jiangsu - Holistic Tourism International Photography Competition Launched

On May 4, 2017, the press conference of "Water Rhyme Jiangsu - Holistic Tourism International Photography Competition" was held at Yangzhou, Jiangsu. The Competition relies on Xinhua News Information Center's authoritative all-media platform and professional communication team, and its subordinated paper media, palm media, outdoor large screen and other platforms will focus on the Competition in the whole course, so as to achieve the "phenomenon-level communication" of Jiangsu tourism image.

This Competition has four focuses. First, international perspective. The Competition will collect photographic works all over the world. Second, holistic tourism. The Competition will collect globally photography works on Jiangsu regional tourism scenery, folk culture, customs, specialties, tourism festivals and so on. Third, multiple perspectives. The Competition consists of three major groups, i.e. camera, mobile phone, and UAV. Fourth, going deep into scenic spots. The tours on scenic spots in 13 prefectural and municipal cities in Jiangsu attended by Chinese and foreign photographers have been launched in mid-April.

The Competition will invite strong lineup of judges, and a number of experts in photography, including Benjamin Brink, Senior Picture Editor of the Oregonian; Carlos Spottorno, a Spanish photographer; Zhu Xianmin, Adviser of China Photographers Association; Wang Dajun, Vice Chairman of Jiangsu Association of Photographers; ShenYao, Chairman of Jiangsu Association of Photographers, etc. will serve as judges of the Competition. The Competition will last from May to September 2017, and you can keep an eye on the Competition via the official website (www.shuiyunjiangsu.com) or the official Wechat (Water Charm Jiangsu Holistic Tourism). Award-winning works will be exhibited over the world, and may be displayed on the large screen of New York Times Square and Xinhua News Agency Paris Galley.

For more information, please visit www.shuiyunjiangsu.com or send email to wonderful_js@163.com

SOURCE Committee of Water Rhyme Jiangsu - Holistic Tourism International Photography Competition

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