Windmills for Giants Adds Three New Projects to Its Development Slate

May 15, 2017 - (Newswire)

Windmills for Giants Productions announces three new projects to its development slate. These projects include an IRA drama, The Provisionals, created by HBO alum Adam Storm; a female-driven courtroom dramedy, Disrobed; and a Ponzi-scheme drama and star vehicle for a 40-plus leading lady, Left Hand.

In a marketplace dominated by reboots or spin-offs, Windmills for Giants has carved out a niche for itself by championing original series from unique voices. 

Windmills for Giants is owned by Liz Gilbert, and backed by a series of financing partners who see an opportunity in the under-served original and spec space. With strategic partnerships, Windmills for Giants takes writers with original ideas and ushers them into the spotlight.

Liz Gilbert, who found producing by way of writing and working with other writers, believes in the promise of original content. “This is a great time for writers and creators. A lot of people are hungry for original stories, and with digital and streaming media, there’s a demand for high caliber work. Over 70% of what gets produced in Hollywood is recycled material, or based on books or intellectual property. We want to tell stories whose native medium is television or film. People want to see characters that aren’t on their second life — they want to see work that’s original, fresh, and authentic. That’s what we do.”

The L.A.-based company plans to double its slate by the end of 2017. Here’s a closer look at its newest projects. 


Produced by Windmills for Giants and Hook Off The Jab, Created by Adam Storm

This hour-long, serialized drama follows a motley crew of boy soldiers who come of age in IRA-era Ireland. Windmills for Giants secured the rights to the hot spec script, which fits its need to meet the rising demand for international stories. “The world is more globally connected than ever before. American and international audiences are hungry for stories that have global relevance,” says Gilbert. The period drama was created by HBO Alum Adam Storm, and portrays The Troubles through the unique point of view of young boys who must try and solve men’s problems. “In its exploration of terrorism and social change from the perspective of youth, The Provisionals is a really poignant and timely story that we’re excited to tell,” says Ms. Gilbert of the project. 


Produced by Windmills for Giants with Liz Gilbert to Executive Produce

On the verge of losing her daytime television show, a "coastal elite" lesbian judge must pander to the deplorables, all while trying to civilize them, one Micky Mouse suit at a time. “At a time when the country’s never been more divided, this story is about finding common justice in the least likely of places.” says producer Liz Gilbert. "Disrobed is a hilarious, yet poignant, female-driven hour-long that gives new meaning to the phrase, 'all-rise.'" 


Produced by Windmills for Giants with Liz Gilbert to Executive Produce

Left Hand is an hour-long drama and star vehicle for a 40-plus leading lady about a self-made woman who owns a brokerage house on Wall Street, and starts a Ponzi scheme under her sister's nose to save the family business. The series unpacks the emotional roller coaster of a person who creates a public face and a private nightmare. 

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