Ex-Marine Brian Dahlberg Opens Gym to Help People Get Stronger and Healthier

May 16, 2017 - (Newswire)

Brian Dahlberg has been a busy man. He ended his career as a U.S. Marine in Saint Petersburg on a Monday, was married the next Friday, and opened his new business in Pinellas county the Monday after that.

His new business, Brian Dahlberg Performs, based in Tampa, FL, is a gym targeting young athletes and anyone who wants to become faster, fitter, or stronger. During his time as a marine, Brian Dahlberg completed a bachelor's degree in personal fitness and training, followed by a master's degree in kinesiology, which he completed online through CBU Online.

"The online Master of Science in Kinesiology degree program offers an advanced study of Kinesiology designed to enhance preparation for discipline-related careers. This interdisciplinary degree integrates the science of human movement, the practice of relevant research methods, and the advanced studies of fitness and wellness. As obesity and sedentary lifestyles continue to escalate nationally and globally, there is an increased need for Kinesiology-related careers. Candidates in the online Masters of Science in Kinesiology degree program receive diverse training in order to meet those growing societal demands as well as to expound knowledge of exercise and sport performance."

Brian Dahlberg grew up in Hillsborough County, a tiny town where there seems to be more cattle than people. He was inspired by his father, who sacrificed many opportunities in order to ensure his father was provided for. His father was a disciplined man, but also a fair man, and it was he who encouraged Brian Dahlberg to get a job at a young age. Brian Dahlberg heeded his father’s advice. During his summer breaks, Brian Dahlberg worked in the cornfields, detasseling the crops.

"That seed corn produces so much for the farmers, they will pay good money for it, and so the seed corn companies we work for will pay us good money to remove those tassels. Besides, it's a good way to make some money with your friends and have most of your summer free to do other things."

After graduating from high school, he continued to work as a detasseler during the summer, while trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his future. He felt that a military career was right for him, but at the same time, his father had instilled in him the value of having a good education. He also knew that he was interested in physical activity, which is why the U.S. Marine Corps was so attractive to him. At the same time, he wanted to understand the science behind physical activity and training. When he found out about the Marine Corps Lifelong Learning Programs, he finally made up his mind and he enlisted.

"The purpose of the Marine Deployed Education program is to provide undergraduate level courses to afloat Marines, MCB Camp Pendleton and MCAS Cherry Point developed MOUs with academic institutions. Qualified Marines with the afloat units provide the instruction."

Like many other Marines, Brian Dahlberg was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, completing a number of tours there. However, he was then accepted for the master's degree program and while this program was offered online, he was stationed on home soil, which was when he met his wife. Together, they started making plans for life after military service, which they decided should involve physical activity. His wife, Ellen, had been an athlete all her life and also worked as a personal trainer.

The solution was clear: they would open a gym together. At Brian Dahlberg Performs, the husband and wife team works together to make people faster, stronger, and fitter. They do this through their combined knowledge of the human physique, and through the Marine training, Brian Dahlberg had received.

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