San Pablo Economic Development Corporation Making the Dream of Bay Area Homeownership Possible

May 16, 2017 - (Newswire)

- With the cost of living continuing to skyrocket in the Bay Area, the issue of affordable housing is front and center in discussions regarding the future of the Bay Area.

At the San Pablo Economic Development Corporation (San Pablo EDC), their contribution to making Bay Area homeownership a reality has been through their participation in the Workforce Initiative Subsidy for Homeownership (WISH) program.

In partnership with Mechanic's Bank and the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco, San Pablo EDC is offering participants up to $15,000, matching $3 for every $1 contributed towards the purchase of a home.

"Through the WISH program, we are seeking to make the possibility of Bay Area homeownership for working people a reality," said Leslay Choy, General Manager, San Pablo EDC. "At the San Pablo EDC, we are constantly seeking to create opportunities that will empower our community."

As a requirement to participating in the program, applicants are required to take a mandatory, HUD-certified first-time home buyer's course focused on personal and home financing.

The WISH program is just one of many opportunities managed by the SPEDC for the purpose of "Putting San Pablo to work" as expressed in their tag line.

Perhaps most notable, their Removing Barriers Program has received international and national attention for the innovative manner by which they prepare job applicants for employment and career advancement through tattoo removal.

"At the San Pablo EDC, our door is always open to our community," said Choy. "We are here to strengthen San Pablo's economy and contribute to regional growth."

About San Pablo Economic Development Corporation: The role of the San Pablo EDC is to develop, diversify and stabilize the local economy through education and training of business and workforce. San Pablo EDC is working to strengthen the City's local economy and provide quality jobs to local workers. At the same time, the San Pablo EDC helps create dynamic partnerships and programs to help train the local workforce and prepare them for jobs in industries that are stable or growing in the local region. For more information, visit www.sanpabloedc.org.

SOURCE San Pablo Economic Development Corporation

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