Identify the Property Owner Through Property Title Search in Reading and Stroudsburg PA

May 17, 2017 - (Newswire)

​For those looking to buy a new home or a new apartment, the experienced personnel of title search service generously provide all necessary details and information. Advanced Abstract is one such company that successfully deals with variety of title search options right from residential to commercial to refinanced property title search in Reading and Stroudsburg PA.

Established in the year 1991, the company has been providing quality title search services to their esteemed customers. Success or failure of a company is largely connected with its staffing. Advanced Abstract is staffed with professionals who have been in the industry for more than 10 years. They possess the experience and skill to complete their client’s title search quickly and efficiently. The agents at Advanced Abstract are fully licensed and certified in dealing with Stewart Title, First American Title, Fidelity National Title. The esteemed clients can choose from a selection of title insurance products and services.

They also provide title insurance to protect against the losses. For that, they perform a number of tasks by searching public records such as forged documents, undisclosed or missing heirs, the incapacity of a grantor or mortgagor, mistakes in recording interest, missing signatures, unknown or unrecorded creditors, others interested in the land, access to the land, and so many other instances that can interfere with one,

They are fully equipped to assist the buyers with all the three basic types of title insurance documents: the commitment, the owners’ title policy, and the loan policy. They will always go an extra mile to make sure that their clients and customers are protected in all circumstances where their title insurance comes into play.

It is their commitment, passion, honesty and integrity that tell them apart from their competitors. For more information regarding title deed search in Easton and Reading PA, visit http://www.advancedabstract.com/easton-pa-title-search-title-insurance-and-escrow-services/

About the Company:   

Advanced Abstract has been providing title insurance for residential, commercial,and refinancing transactions since 1991 to Lehigh, Northampton, and all surrounding counties. Most of their employees, like their full-time, on-staff title searcher, have been with their for more than 10 years, meaning they have the experience and expertise to complete their client’s searches quickly and effortlessly.

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