Orocobre cash reserves boosted further

May 19, 2017 - (Newswire)

- Orocobre Limited (ORE: ASX, ORL: TSX) (Orocobre or the Company) wishes to provide an update on the receipt of VAT and release of additional cash security deposits in Australia which back Sales de Jujuy S.A.'s ("SDJ'') Argentine working capital facility.

Approximately US$2.7M of additional VAT refunds have recently been received by SDJ.

Approximately US$19.8M of VAT refunds have been received by SDJ to date taking into account VAT received recently. All VAT claims submitted to Argentine authorities through to, and including January 2017 have now been approved and paid.

Further claims of ~US$3.5M relating to February and March 2017 have been submitted to the Argentine authorities. The total outstanding VAT balance from project construction yet to be claimed by SDJ stands at ~US$15.7M on a pre-discounted basis.

Refund amounts in US$ are quoted as approximate given they are Argentine Peso denominated.

Release of Standby Letters of Credit
SDJ repaid US$5M of its working capital facility this week resulting in a release of US$5M held as security for the Standby Letters of Credit which support the SDJ working capital facility. Orocobre's portion of this release is US$3.6M bringing the total release of cash since 1 January 2017 to US$14.3M.

The balance of security yet to be released to Orocobre for the Standby Letters of Credit now stands at US$22.7M and this is expected to be received by December 2017.

For more information please contact:

Richard Seville

Andrew Barber

Managing Director

Investor Relations Manager

T: +61 7 3871 3985

T: +61 7 3871 3985

M:+61 419 916 338

M: +61 418 783 701

E: rseville@orocobre.com

E: abarber@orocobre.com

About Orocobre Limited
Orocobre Limited is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange (ASX: ORE) (TSX: ORL), and is building a substantial Argentinian-based industrial chemicals and minerals company through the construction and operation of its portfolio of lithium, potash and boron projects and facilities in the Puna region of northern Argentina. The Company has built, in partnership with Toyota Tsusho Corporation and JEMSE, the first large-scale, greenfield brine based lithium project in approximately 20 years at the Salar de Olaroz with planned production of 17,500 tonnes per annum of low-cost lithium carbonate.

The Olaroz Lithium Facility has a low environmental footprint because of the following aspects of the process:

  • The process is designed to have a high processing recovery of lithium. With its low unit costs, the process will result in low cut-off grades, which will maximise resource recovery.
  • The process route is designed with a zero liquid discharge design. All waste products are stored in permanent impoundments (the lined evaporation ponds). At the end of the project life the ponds will be capped and returned to a similar profile following soil placement and planting of original vegetation types.
  • Brine is extracted from wells with minimum impact on freshwater resources outside the salar. Because the lithium is in sedimentary aquifers with relatively low permeability, drawdowns are limited to the salar itself. This is different from halite hosted deposits such as Salar de Atacama, Salar de Hombre Muerto and Salar de Rincon where the halite bodies have very high near surface permeability and the drawdown cones can impact on water resources around the Salar affecting the local environment.
  • Energy used to concentrate the lithium in the brine is solar energy. The carbon footprint is lower than other processes.
  • The technology developed has a very low maximum fresh water consumption of

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