CRU Insight: Production set to Commence at K+S Legacy Amid Decade-low Potash Prices

May 19, 2017 - (Newswire)


Germany's K+S cut the blue ribbon on its Legacy Project potash mine in Saskatchewan, Canada on 2nd May ahead of production of its first marketable tonnage expected in June. The mine, which was renamed "Bethune" at the opening ceremony, is the first potash operation to be commissioned in the province in over 40 years. K+S's first North American production facility arrives as potash prices languish at their lowest nominal values for a decade. The mine is the largest single investment in the company's history with capital expenditure totalling $4.1 billion CAD (about US$3.6 billion overall). It contains 160Mt of proven and probable reserves grading at 29% KCl (or 18% K2O) with an expected mine life of around 50 years.

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Original Source: https://www.newswire.com/news/cru-insight-production-set-to-commence-at-k-s-legacy-amid-decade-low-potash

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