Launch of an Information Brokerage Service for Attorneys

May 19, 2017 - (Newswire)

BusinessCreator, Inc./dba ForLawFirmsOnly, an established leader in local search marketing, mobile marketing, social marketing and video marketing, today announced the launch of Information Brokerage Service, a service created to provide litigators with the necessary information they need to settle cases for the highest-possible amount.

According to BusinessCreator, Inc./dba ForLawFirmsOnly President Edward Kundahl, the Information Brokerage service is available immediately by calling 855-943-8736 or email marketing@forlawfirmsonly.com.

"The ForLawFirmsOnly Information Brokerage Service is equipping litigators with the necessary information they need to settle for the highest-possible amount," said Kundahl. "We can provide the policy limits of your defendant in any practice area. We provide our client with all of the defendant’s liability policy limits along with the insurance carriers and policy numbers within 72 hours. Additionally, we give our client the defendant’s previous settlement amounts if they have either settled or gone to trial in the past. All of this is done without subpoenaing records, and the insurance companies are unaware that you have this information, which gives you a significant advantage. "

Kundahl continued, “There are several benefits to using our service. Specifically, our clients know quickly how to proceed with their cases. Knowing whether a defendant has several multi-million dollar policies impacts how a litigator will prepare their case opposed to if the defendant has a smaller policy limit. Our quick results save attorneys time and ultimately allows them to take on a higher caseload due to their ability to circumvent the court order process. “

“We can provide the policy limits the defendant in any practice area. For instance, if our client is representing someone in a medical malpractice case, we can provide all of the commercial liability policy limits of the hospital and the doctor. If they are representing a client injured in a car or trucking accident, then we can provide all of the policies that the individual or trucking company has in addition to every DOT violation of the company and truck driver. If our client is representing someone who slipped and fell in a grocery store, we can provide the liability policy limits of the store location. We also can provide the EPL insurance of an employer and the liability policy limits for a landlord’s property. Essentially, if our client needs to know the policy limits of any individual or company, we can get it for them.

If the insurance company is not cooperating or our client needs policy information for their cases now, we can expedite the searches. We conduct our searches on a no-hit, no-fee basis, so if we do not return any insurance information, then we do not charge for the service,” concluded Kundahl.


More About BusinessCreator, Inc./dba ForLawFirmsOnly

Founded in 1994, BusinessCreator, Inc./dba ForLawFirmsOnly has helped many businesses with local search marketing, mobile marketing, social marketing and video marketing. The company's mission statement is: "We make law firms businesses grow. Ask us how."

To learn more about BusinessCreator, Inc./dba ForLawFirmsOnly, you should call 610-437-8822 or visit them online at https://www.forlawfirmsonly.com.

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