CDI Labs Expands HuProt™ – The Highest Content Human Proteome Microarray in the World

May 25, 2017 - (Newswire)

- CDI Laboratories, Inc. has announced that over 1,000 new recombinant proteins will be added to HuProt™ - its human proteome microarray. With 81% of the human proteome available in a powerful and economical analytical platform*, the Company greatly strengthens its position as a global leader in microarray production, content and application development.

HuProt microarrays can generate massive binding profiles in days - not months - and are used in:

  • Serum (biomarker) profiling- disease diagnosis, prognosis; cancer immunotherapy, vaccine development
  • Protein binding assays- small molecule binding, DNA/RNA binding, enzyme binding specificity, etc.
  • Antibody specificity testing- assess cross-reactivity, identify highest quality research reagents

"We're excited to launch the next generation of HuProt at ASCO 2017 in Chicago on June 3. With each version - and this is v3.1 - we are adding new proteins with the ultimate goal of having the entire human proteome on a slide." said Scott Paschke, CDI VP of Marketing. "Further, the proteins added to the latest generation represent finer coverage of proteins involved in autoimmune-related toxicities and conditions, transcription factor binding, and signal transduction pathways."

In mid-2016, CDI purchased an Arrayjet Ultra Marathon II non-contact piezoelectric (ink jet) robotic printer for its microarray manufacture. This high-capacity state-of-the-art instrument offers significant performance advantages over contact print methods including significant reductions in lot-to-lot variability and inter-assay variability.

*HuProt microarrays are available for purchase by labs with in-house microarray scanning capability. Alternatively, CDI's Discovery Services division offers contract assay design, research, bioinformatics and custom-configured microarray production on a per-project basis.

About CDI - A privately-owned biotechnology corporation, CDI focuses on protein- and antibody microarray design, production and custom assay services. CDI's flagship - HuProt™ - is the most comprehensive human proteome microarray in the industry, allowing thousands of protein interactions to be done in parallel. HuProt enables R&D of future therapeutic and diagnostic tools to proceed more rapidly and cost-effectively. CDI's Fast-MAb® hybridoma development service addresses the urgent need for monoclonal antibodies with unprecedented specificity for research, diagnostic or therapeutic targets. Fast-MAb antibodies are evaluated for specificity on the HuProt array. The Company exports products world-wide and is expanding its clientele base and its academic and industrial collaborations.

For more information, visit cdi-lab.com. ASCO booth #22143

Media Contact:

Scott Paschke, Vice President
CDI Laboratories Inc
518-534-2881 (direct)

SOURCE CDI Laboratories

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