Random Massive Cash Jackpots Pay Out Twice in the Same Week at Table Mountain Casino

May 27, 2017 - (Newswire)

- Table Mountain Casino's Massive Cash Jackpot is showering lucky Club players with gigantic random jackpots! Last week, Oscar from Fresno won $137,221.34 and just last night, Massive Cash hit yet again and Angela from Mendota won a cool $66,843.47.

Angela was playing one of her favorite .25 cent slots, the Aristocrat™ Tiki Torch, and with that one spin of the reels, she realized she was the latest winner of the Massive Cash Jackpot! Angela was so excited with her gigantic win; she couldn't wait to make her first call to share the news. When asked whom she was going to call, she said, "I have to call my mom!" What a thrilling mother-daughter call that was!

When players on the Casino floor realized what all the excitement was about, the buzz continued to build. They quickly realized that Massive Cash had hit yet again and that they could be the next winners! Massive Cash can hit any time on any day and is a completely random jackpot—no winning combination on the reels is needed. Table Mountain is the only Central Valley casino to feature this random Massive Cash Jackpot that is guaranteed to hit in any amount from $50,000 to $150,000! Once this jackpot hits, the Massive Cash meter immediately starts climbing again!

Table Mountain Casino President and General Manager Rob Goslin, was especially pleased to learn of yet another Massive Cash Jackpot winner and said, "There's no better way to celebrate Table Mountain Casino's 30th Anniversary than with all these winnings. We truly enjoy seeing our guests winning, having fun and enjoying themselves here at Table Mountain Casino. Congratulations to Angela, our latest Massive Cash Jackpot winner, from the entire Table Mountain Team!"

Table Mountain Casino, celebrating their 30th Anniversary this year, is renowned for paying the most and the biggest jackpots! In fact, just last month alone, over $14,245,036 in jackpots were paid out to lucky Table Mountain players—over fourteen million dollars in just one single month!

Massive Cash is just one of the extraordinary rewards that comes with being a member of The Club. In fact, joining The Club is fast, easy and free. To learn more about Table Mountain Casino and all of the winning promotions that celebrate the 30th Anniversary, please visit www.tmcasino.com.


Table Mountain Casino is owned and operated by the Table Mountain Rancheria Band of Indians who actively support many community-based agencies and non-profit organizations serving residents of the greater Fresno area and the regional San Joaquin Valley community. Table Mountain Casino proudly operates an alcohol and drug free environment. Must be 18 years of age to game and attend concerts.

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