Convert Your Bed to a Luxury Resort in Seconds With Waikite

May 29, 2017 - (Newswire)

​​​​Pillows have been around since the beginning of humanity. Despite the continuous evolution, choosing the right and perfect pillow remains a dilemma. Until Waikite came into existence. It’s a self-adjustable pillow made with blended materials and technology from the modern and traditional world. It’s designed to cater to every unique sleeping needs of the user.

Unlike rivals’ synthetic cotton, Waikite (www.waikite.com) boasts 100% natural cotton equipped with high quality spiral fibre for firm and plushness. Apart from being odourless and anti-bacterial, its packed with a long list of beneficial features. This ensures the user a safe and sound sleep or in short, the sweetest slumber. Despite being elegant and royal, Waikite is low maintenance and can be washed in the machine as many as required without losing shape and colour. 

5-star hotels and resorts are pricey for a reason; the comfort they provide is just unbeatable. Fortunately, the Japanese people’s fine taste for everything helped in cracking a way to cheat life! Without the overwhelming price tag, the luxurious Waikite pillow can now be purchased by anyone.

“Why should you break the bank and travel for a 5-star hotel experience when you can have it at home?” – Crystal C, Founder

Why you’ll love Waikite:

  • No more invisible danger - Antibacterial pillow by LENBING tech
  • Luxury sensation - Ultra smooth sensation from high density stitching
  • No more neck pain - Great firmness from spiral fibre
  • Quality lifestyle - High quality & 3D classic stitching standards
  • No headache - Breathable pillow with natural cotton pillow cover
  • Great for lifestyle - Zero chemical smell
  • No more muscle pain - Self-adjustable pillow for unique needs
  • Suitable for any sleep position - Stomach, side or flat
  • Safe for your love ones - Direct machine washable
  • Trusted – Supplied to major 5-star hotels and resorts
  • Long term relationship – Backed by guarantees

About the Founder:

My name is Crystal Chuah and was a MNC Business Development Manager. Due to work, I travelled a lot. I collect things that are unique and luxurious and bring them back home. Yet what struck me during my travels to Japan always are their fine details with the hotels & resorts bespoke of elegance. The comfort offered was indeed heavenly but how could I possibly take that home?  And so, I decided to blend luxury and affordability, inspired by the Japan's experience.

Starting with Waikite (Japanese expression of – This is living), my dream of living the 5-star experience anywhere is now a reality but minus the exaggerated price tag.

Press Contact:

Crystal C
Waikite, This is living 

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