European Chef Andrew De Niese Offers Culinary Adventures

May 31, 2017 - (Newswire)

A Europe-born chef who resides in Bakersfield, CA, has started a new television series that enables people to go on a true culinary adventure. As part of the program, Andrew De Niese aims to invite top chefs from various corners of the world to introduce people to their cuisine. However, he will ask each chef to create something truly unusual, or go with a particular theme. For instance, his first chef has chosen the geographical region "South of the Border", which means he will focus on creating dishes from beyond the deep south.

Bakersfield is perhaps best known for the book and subsequent movie, The Running Man, but it clearly has various other things to offer as well! That said, Andrew De Niese' concept is first even for this town. The first episode, which features the aforementioned South of the Border cooking, has just been filmed and will be aired within the next few days.

In each episode, Andrew De Niese will cook a meal as well, going head to head with the invited chef. Each time, Andrew De Niese will have to cook something from Europe for each of the courses, and he cannot use the same recipe twice. They will cook four courses each: a starter, a main course, a palate cleanser, and a dessert. A decision will then be made on which individual dish is the best, and whose overall menu is better.

Andrew De Niese says: "What I aim to do is to take people on a culinary adventure. Being from Europe, I believe that European cuisine truly is one of the best, but I will equally be happy to admit defeat if the audience will prefer food from other places."

The idea of a new television series has been greatly welcomed in Bakersfield, so much so, that Andrew De Niese has been asked to also take part in a number of other projects. A local community college has asked him to hold talks about the cuisine and cultural heritage of Europe. Meanwhile, a different educational establishment has asked whether he will be able to conduct cooking classes.

Andrew De Niese is considering both of those offers and it is likely that he will accept. That is, of course, if he is able to find the time! He says: "One of the things I definitely want to do as a result of the program is to write a book. It will be a recipe book with a difference, designed to enable people to cook simple, hearty, wholesome food from all over the world, with direction from some of the best chefs in the world. And at the same time, I want to infuse the book with some of the atmosphere of the episode it would be based on."

During the first episode, a type of cook off also took place. Several guests were chosen at random from the audience, and they selected three of the dishes (all except the palate cleansers) to determine the overall winner for the night. The guests chose Andrew De Niese' grilled octopus tacos, comparing this with the winter vegetable salad. Next, they had Andrew De Niese' charred flank steak, comparing this with the whole roasted chicken with root mash. Finally, for dessert, they compared Black Forest cake with chocolate ice cream. As the icing on the cake, all guests were also able to enjoy two cocktails, both made by Andrew De Niese and not part of the competition. This was the Last Oaxacan, a mezcal cocktail based on citrus fruits, and the I Woke Up In Tijuana, which contains cayenne, lemon, and Sazerac Rye.

At the end of the episodes, Andrew De Niese aims to organize a live, open air cooking show as well. Here, the menu will start with passed appetizers and cocktails, after which guests can enjoy a four course meal. What isn't sure yet, however, is how it will be determined who will cook in this particular episode. Andrew De Niese says: "I'm going to leave it to the audience. They can vote on the chef they would prefer most to return to the show, for instance. Regardless, there will be a head to head competition in which there can only be one winner. That winner will be crowned Bakersfield Most International Chef."

Places for the events are limited due to the space in which it will be held. Tickets are selling out rapidly, so people are encouraged to get their ticket as soon as possible so as to not be disappointed. Everyone who attends the filming of any of the episodes will be able to taste all the foods cooked in the show.

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