Leading Trade Credit Insurance Agency, Credit Eureka Announces Ambitious Website Upgrades

Jun 1, 2017 - (Newswire)

Credit Eureka, a leading provider of trade credit insurance at https://www.crediteureka.com/, is proud to announce ambitious website upgrades for early 2017. With even B2B users increasingly turning first to the Internet, the company is upgrading its website information to better serve their research needs.

"Trade credit insurance marketplace offers a type of insurance that serves as a source of unsecured credit. Many people turn first to the Internet for research, and then reach out to us for detailed assistance — making sure they get the amounts and price right," explained Dawson Beattie, President and Founder. "As we roll out website upgrades over the coming weeks, our clients will be able to learn quite a bit about issues facing purchasers of trade credit insurance, political risk insurance, and even more advanced products such as accounts receivable puts. We've also upgraded our real-time pricing tool to help small and middle market companies (SME) quickly and easily get immediate program pricing for financing the foreign AR and key account concentrations being excluded by their lenders."

To learn more about the company's services, visit the website. To learn specifically about trade credit insurance, visit https://www.crediteureka.com/what-we-do/trade-credit-insurance/. There, one can read the basics, research issues on its blog, and then reach out to Credit Eureka for custom assistance up to and including a program quote. No two situations — or insurers — offer the same, and thus individuals are encouraged to reach out to a trade credit insurance specialist for information and a real-time market quote.

Expanding International Business and Trade Credit Insurance

It's no secret that the world is growing increasingly closer, at least in a business or commercial sense. Even small or medium-sized businesses are engaged in commerce with customers overseas in countries as diverse as Canada, Germany, and India. However, doing business with foreign companies can be more difficult.  One of the problems is the nonpayment risks associated with the de facto money lending across borders that occurs when a business seller "advances" money to a buyer by selling on open account payment terms and generates accounts receivable. For larger orders, for new channels, and new clients, a business will want to explore using trade credit insurance or commercial credit insurance.

Credit Eureka’s newly updated website & blog has basic solutions for many of issues participants encounter in this market. From first-time exporters to seasoned corporate professionals.  Credit Eureka’s website and blog remain a ‘go to’ resource so that CEOs, CFOs, and others involved in international trade are able to learn how to use trade credit insurance to generate revenue, expand liquidity, and protect cashflow and assets from customer nonpayment and country insolvency.

Journalists and bloggers writing articles on the topic are, of course, urged to reach out to Credit Eureka for interview opportunities.

About Credit Eureka

Credit Eureka (https://www.crediteureka.com/) is a leading provider of trade credit insurance, which helps businesses increase their revenue, expand availability of financing, and minimize the risk of default on their commercial sales globally. Regularly purchased by factors and banks, Credit Eureka helps companies directly participate in this market and build programs for themselves. Nonpayment of trade-related debts is another industry term for this exposure. The company also facilitates the Accounts Receivable Puts (AR Puts) — a debt indexed alternative to traditional credit insurance — as well as helps with export credit insurance and political risk insurance. Additional common terms for its products are business credit insurance, accounts receivable credit insurance or commercial credit insurance. Businesses interested in this type of insurance product should reach out to Credit Eureka for more information or obtain a quote for the cost and amount of trade credit insurance available for a portfolio or individual customer.

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