Nationwide Call-out for Workplace ‘Happy Moments’ Celebrating UK’s Best Office Cultures

Jun 2, 2017 - (Newswire)


- Employee engagement company Perkbox launches #happymoments photo competition capturing employees' spontaneous moments of bliss working within UK's happiest companies

With a third of all UK workers unhappy at work* and with over 54% of employees confessing that going home was the highlight of their workday**, Perkbox (www.perkbox.co.uk), UK's leading employee benefits provider, has launched a nationwide call-out for the country's happiest teams to take a spontaneous snapshot of one moment of workplace bliss that celebrates positive work culture as part its #happymoments competition.

The scheme is set to reinforce to business leaders the benefits of a positive work environment and the impact this has on employee well being as well as on engagement, productivity and retention.

The top three best entries as voted by the general public will win an all-expenses paid office party for their company or department (up to 100 staff), including food, drink and foot-tapping rhythms provided by a live mariachi band.

From cuddling the office dog, keeling over with laughter at a funny team meeting or tucking into an elevenses chocolate cake at the desk - companies nationwide, big and small, with brilliant work cultures are invited to capture genuine, off-the-cuff snapshots of workplace bliss to visually showcase why their organisation leads by example in terms of workplace happiness.

Entrants simply upload their entries via this form perk.so/happymomentcomp on Facebook with a caption to accompany their picture. Once done, entrants are then encouraged to share the link with colleagues, clients, friends and family to cultivate the votes. The online gallery of entrants can be viewed publicly at perk.so/happymomentgallery. The company with the most votes wins. The competition ends midnight on 23 June, 2017.

Chieu Cao, Co-founder and CMO of Perkbox commented: "I can't labour the point enough; investment in staff happiness and ensuring that the work culture you're immersed in remains uplifting, inspiring and hugely supportive of all team members makes complete business sense. We spend a huge proportion of our waking hours at work, so it's important that we enjoy what we do, who we work with and whom we work for. It's a symbiotic relationship. Positive energy is contagious, and we hope that entrant businesses - big and small - will inspire other ventures to have a rethink on how they might make the 9 to 5 grind something that is genuinely purposeful and enjoyable."

*Source: Research commissioned by Perkbox carried out online with 1,072 adults in September 2016

**Source: Research commissioned by Perkbox carried out online with 2,000 adults in May 2017


*The competition is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Perkbox Party will be organised and hosted by the Perkbox Party team, in collaboration with the admin of the winning account.
  • If winners are a multi-location business, the Perkbox Party will be hosted in a single location of the winner's choice.
  • Team members from other locations are welcome to attend but Perkbox will not pay transport, accommodation or location expenses.
  • Perkbox will not be liable for any damage or injury caused during the party. Maximum no. of party attendees is 100.
  • The budget of the party will be dictated by Perkbox. To enter this competition, you must be over 18 years old and a resident in the United Kingdom and have prior permission from the appropriate level of your management team to enter.
  • Entries are automatically uploaded into a public gallery. Perkbox reserves the right to store entries for the use of future public campaigns, without prior approval from the entrant.
  • Personal data capture is used solely for verification purposes, and will not be passed onto any third party.
  • Entries to the competition must be made by 23/06/17. The competition will close on 23/06/17 and the winner will be selected and contacted by 26/06/17. The party must be hosted between 01/08/17 and 01/12/17.


Perkbox is a cloud-based employee perks and engagement platform for business of all sizes, giving employers and employees a range of great perks, social reward and recognition tools and health and wellness platforms that help employers promote the financial, emotional and physical wellbeing of their team.

Perkbox was set up with the belief that the best companies to work for look after their teams and value their staff. The most successful businesses are comprised of people who are engaged, satisfied and loyal. Providing perks and engagement tools helps build stronger teams and incentivises workers to aspire to greatness.

Until recently, only large corporations could afford to pay for employee perks. Perkbox's easy and wholly-customised offering allows SMEs to reward and incentivise their growing team with perks that help build a happy work culture with an investment in line with their budgets.

For more information on pricing and packages available, contact: help@perkbox.co.uk, tel: +44-20-8396-6812

For more information about Perkbox, or for interviews with Perkbox founders Saurav Chopra and Chieu Cao, contact:
Andrea San Pedro
PR Director
tel: +44-(0)-7891-625928
email: andrea@perkbox.co.uk

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