Survey: 67% of Americans disagree with Trump’s order to pull out of the Paris Agreements

Jun 2, 2017 - (Newswire)

- Yesterday, President Trump shares with the world his decision to pull out of the Paris agreements.

ReportLinker conducted a survey to answer the following questions:

  • Are Americans familiar with the Paris agreements?
  • What place do US citizens give to environmental issues?
  • And are they ready to make practical changes to reduce their impact on climate?

Key findings show that:

  • Only 22% of US respondents were familiar with the agreements.
  • And 53% were skeptical about the possibility that political actions could be effectively taken.
  • 75% of US citizens agree that human activities are the main cause to climate change.
  • And 72% rank the United States in the top 10 of carbon emitters countries.
  • The environmental issues that worry them the most are air pollution (68%) and water pollution (67%), followed by wildlife conservation and food safety.

What changes?

People are willing to reduce their carbon footprint by adopting changes in their daily life such as:

  • shutting off lights in unused rooms (27%)
  • reducing consumption, reusing and recycling (24%)
  • limiting the waste of food (15%) and water (14%)
  • and buying Energy Star home appliances (13%)

To see all the survey results click here.

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