Cure-One™ Announces Foundation Medicine Participation in its N1 Registry

Jun 3, 2017 - (Newswire)

- Cure-One (formerly known as MED-C), a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing precision medicine, is proud to announce the participation of Foundation Medicine as a cornerstone laboratory in Cure-One's N1 Registry™.

The N1 Registry seeks to:

  • Assist patients to gain access to high quality genomic testing;
  • Better understand the genetic basis of malignancy as it relates to physician decisions and patient outcomes;
  • Work with the industry's top laboratories performing next generation sequencing (NGS) in both solid tissue and cell free DNA (liquid biopsy) to maintain the high-quality standards established by these laboratories
  • Collect genomic data to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the complexity, intricacy and application of NGS testing;
  • Act as a conduit for enrollment in clinical trials;
  • Support advances in precision medicine in collecting clinical outcomes data associated with molecular or immunologic testing and treatments;
  • Collect information on the ever-increasing number of patients who have, or will, receive NGS testing;
  • Align with the direction and efforts of other national and international groups seeking to advance precision medicine.

"Foundation Medicine has long provided the highest quality of testing, while spearheading efforts for transparency and data sharing," said Dane J. Dickson, M.D., Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Cure-One. "As the leading clinical genomic sequencing laboratory, we are ecstatic for this collaboration with Foundation Medicine, and ultimately what it means for advancing patient care."

"Our collaboration with Cure-One is consistent with Foundation Medicine's approach to data sharing and data transparency, and reinforces our vision that progress in personalized cancer care can best be accelerated through a collaborative exchange of molecular information," said Troy Cox, Chief Executive Officer for Foundation Medicine. "Our expectation is that data collaboration with Cure-One serves as an important exemplar in the oncology community for the benefits of public-private partnerships in the area of data exchange."

About Cure-One

Cure-One is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing precision medicine by helping patients access leading-edge genetic-level testing and treatment. The company seeks to make critical laboratory data readily accessible to physicians, researchers, insurance and pharmaceutical companies to advance disease technologies and develop treatments to improve the quality of care in patients with cancer and chronic diseases. Cure-One strives to bring these key medical groups together to build a world where it is never too late for a cure.


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