Cure-One™ Announces Partnership with Guardant Health

Jun 3, 2017 - (Newswire)

- Cure-One (formerly known as MED-C), a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing precision medicine, is proud to announce the participation of Guardant Health, the leader in comprehensive liquid biopsy testing, as a cornerstone laboratory in Cure-One's N1 Registry™.

The N1 Registry seeks to:

  • Better understand the genetic basis of malignancy as it relates to physician decisions and patient outcomes;
  • Collect granular genomic data to allow a more comprehensive understanding of the complexity, intricacy, and application of advanced genomic sequencing analyses as it relates to clinical outcomes;
  • Align with the direction and efforts of other national and international groups seeking to advance precision medicine.

"Guardant Health is the world leader in liquid biopsies, and its participation with our N1 Registry is a testament to its commitment to advance the field of precision medicine, and to increase the availability of non-invasive comprehensive sequencing to advanced cancer patients," said Dane J. Dickson, M.D., Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Cure-One. "Cure-One, and including patients enrolled in the N1 Registry, could not ask for a better partner."

About Cure-One

Cure-One is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing precision medicine by helping patients access leading-edge genetic-level testing and treatment. The company seeks to make critical laboratory data readily accessible to physicians, researchers, insurance and pharmaceutical companies to advance disease technologies and develop treatments to improve the quality of care in patients with cancer and chronic diseases. Cure-One strives to bring these key medical groups together to build a world where it is never too late for a cure.

About Guardant Health

Guardant Health is focused on conquering cancer by using its breakthrough blood-based assays, vast data sets, and advanced analytics. Using both molecular and digital tools, Guardant Health is addressing challenges across the cancer care continuum. The company has raised more than $500 million from leading venture capital firms. Its first product, the Guardant360 assay, came to market in 2014, and is now the most widely ordered comprehensive liquid biopsy commercially available. Guardant Health and Guardant360 are registered trademarks of Guardant Health, Inc.


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