#1 Solar Farm Developer Greening Up Fortune 500 Corporations w/ Cheap Electricity

Jun 4, 2017 - (Newswire)

- Innovative Solar Systems, based in Asheville, NC is the #1 Developer of Utility Scale Solar Farms here in the US and has just made public how they are able to sell cheap electricity to Corporations nationwide which in turn will save Corporations millions of dollars nationwide. US Corporations can now buy all of their electricity from Innovative Solar Systems through Purchase Power Agreements (PPA's) and nothing changes for the Corporation except for the fact they now will save 20% on their electric bills long term. Corporations now have a choice in who they buy their electricity from and ISS is the largest Independent Power Producer (IPP) in the United States and can service the needs of all Corporate Buyers both now and for the next 50 years. Most large Corporations are now jumping at the chance to become part of the RE100 club whereby they purchase cheap solar electricity to service 100% of their company energy needs.

A corporation is able to buy cheap solar electricity from Innovative Solar Systems Solar Farms which are located all across America via simple long term purchase power agreements. The Corporations do NOT have to be physically connected to our solar energy plants in any way, shape or form. The power is merely generated by ISS's many Solar Farms and injected into the grid at various locations and the Corporation purchases the power from us through their normal Utility Company at a greatly reduced purchase price; call us today for specifics. There are no physical electrical connections that change for the Corporation and absolutely nothing for the Corporation to do other than some basic paperwork to start saving millions on power bills. Why would any Large Corporation in American not want to save millions of power bills for the next fifty years while being able to brag about how they are members in the Renewable Energy 100% club?

Green energy is now for anyone and everyone that wants to save on their power bills. Solar energy is now much cheaper for us to produce that coal, natural gas and nuclear so therefore it is also much cheaper for us to sell. Corporate America is seeing at least 20% reduction in their electric bills by signing long term Purchase Power Agreements (PPA's) with large Utility Scale Solar Farm Independent Power Producers (IPP's) like Innovative Solar Systems. If you are a large Corporation and getting cheap electricity for your Corporation is your goal then contact us today.

Innovative Solar Systems offers long term PPA's for our cheap green energy and by securing direct PPA's with ISS for Our Solar Farm Energy you can instantly start saving millions, reduce your overhead, save on energy bills, hedge your power costs in the future, and become a Corporation that has gone green.

Contact ISS below to start a Conversation as to how your Corporation can buy your electricity from us;

Contact - CFO (Mr. Craig Sherman) at +1 828 767 1015
Contact - CEO (John E Green) at +1 828 215 9064
Email - craigsherman@solarfarmsales.com
Email - johngreen@innovativesolarsystemsllc.com


SOURCE Innovative Solar Systems

Original Source: https://www.newswire.com/news/1-solar-farm-developer-greening-up-fortune-500-corporations-w-cheap-electricity

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