Pulling Out of the Paris Agreement Won’t Stop UC Irvine From Being a Renewable Energy Leader

Jun 5, 2017 - (Newswire)

​​​​​The University of California, Irvine is expanding the Middle Earth residence halls, and will add a 50,305-watt solar power system installed by local solar company Sullivan Solar Power. The solar will be a custom roof-mounted structure, with 164 solar panels and two SolarEdge inverters. The solar project was awarded to Sullivan Solar Power last month in a competitive bidding process through Hensel Phelps.  

“UC Irvine has been recognized nationally as a leader in energy and we’re excited to be assisting in their quest in achieving net zero carbon emissions,” said Daniel Sullivan, founder and president of Sullivan Solar Power, “The students living in the solar-powered residence halls are our future leaders, and teaching about solar power in their first year on campus can positively influence their interest in renewable energy.”   

Middle Earth is a first-year housing community at UC Irvine with 24 residence halls and dining facilities. The expansion for Middle Earth includes approximately 494 beds, a new dining facility and ancillary spaces including study rooms, computer labs, kitchenettes and laundry facilities.

The Middle Earth housing website shows a student quote, “Living in Middle Earth is like a dream come true: Convenient on-campus location, friendly staff and residents, and everyone comes to eat lunch or dinner here - What more could you ask for?” Solar!

Adding solar to the expanded Middle Earth residence halls will not only assist the university in achieving carbon neutrality while saving money, but could help UC Irvine’s ranking for Sierra Club’s annual “Coolest Schools” list. UC Irvine ranked third in 2016, after maintaining the first place ranking the previous two years. The solar power system will also be an educational tool for students living in the resident halls.

Sullivan Solar Power has been working with students at UC Irvine to provide educational and career opportunities through solar power. Sullivan Solar Power participated in the 2017 Earth Week Fair, sat on the UC Irvine Green Career panel and gave a solar presentation to Mesa Court Student Council about solar installation. In addition to mentoring several environmental student groups on campus to offer education and support about renewable energy, Sullivan provided free solar 101 seminars in English and Spanish to students, faculty and staff.

“Sullivan Solar Power provides an important part of our on-site renewable energy strategies, helping UC Irvine and Student Housing to reach bold goals for green building and climate neutrality,” said Rachel Harvey, Sustainability Program Manager, “Solar power in Mesa Court also provides a visible learning opportunity that is tangible and accessible to both students and staff as we endeavor to forward a culture of sustainability in our residence life communities.”

Mesa Court has a very similar solar power installation as the planned Middle Earth solar power system. The Mesa Court solar power system is 93,000-watts, and was completed in 2016.

For more information about solar at UC Irvine, click here


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