Advocate Health Advisors Launches Veteran Website

Jun 7, 2017 - (Newswire)

- Advocate Health Advisors is proud to announce the launch of AdvocateForVeterans.com, a website focused on empowering Veterans by helping them navigate the complex landscape of their specific healthcare needs.

AdvocateForVeterans.com was launched as part of Advocate's Veterans Initiative Program. The site educates Veterans on how to maximize their VA benefits by showcasing information, available resources, and videos. "The videos in particular, are powerful," said Darwin Hale, CEO of Advocate Health Advisors. "Veterans can watch these videos and see themselves or someone they know. These are real Veterans that Advocate Health Advisors has assisted with developing their personalized healthcare plans," said Hale.

"There can be a lot of hesitation with Veterans who are too humble to apply for the benefits they've earned," Hale said. "Many times, Veterans think they are taking resources from their fellow Veterans so they don't apply for the benefits, putting them at risk in terms of both health and finances."

Additionally, Hale also said there's a lack of understanding when it comes to combining VA benefits, and Medicare benefits, that's often due to a lack of available educational resources on the processes.

"This website addresses a critical need, and provides assistance to Veterans who need help finding their way through what can be a very long and complex process for those who have served our country," Hale said.

It's estimated as many as 60% of Veterans do not utilize their earned VA benefits, and as a result they end up duplicating these services in the private healthcare marketplace. Veterans are uniquely positioned to potentially be eligible for multiple healthcare benefit systems. The staff at Advocate Health Advisors is familiar with both the Veterans Administration (VA) and the Medicare system and the complexities of how the two benefits can complement each other.

Visitors to the website will have the option to participate in a short quiz that helps to determine if the Veteran is properly synchronizing the two systems of VA and Medicare to the maximum benefit of the Veteran. Users are then contacted by an Advocate Agent Advisor who connects them with a Veterans Services Officer in their county who helps them learn how to properly determine eligibility and utilize their earned VA benefits and then later they review all the choices for finding the right health plan and provider who walks them through the enrollment process.

About Advocate Health Advisors

Advocate Health Advisors is a Veteran Owned and Veteran Operated business. An Advocate Health Agent Advisor is an essential part of every member's healthcare team. Advocate Health Advisors educates members on how to navigate the complicated care landscape while protecting their finances, resulting in better health outcomes and greater happiness in the process.

For more information visit www.advocateforveterans.com.

SOURCE Advocate Health Advisors

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