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Jun 8, 2017 - (Newswire)

- After 60 years, artificial intelligence is experiencing explosive growth, huge business potential, wide application and large industry space, and becoming the strategic direction of governments and large enterprises. 2017 Artificial Intelligence Jia Xiu Forum held in Jiaxiu Building of Guiyang, Guizhou on May 25, 2017, was focused on two topics, How does China deal with the global AI wave and Competing and Cooperation Between the US and China in AI area.

The forum discussed the AI technology evolution, Chinese AI development strategy, and interactive model of AI development between the US and China. The forum was hosted by China's Center for Information Industry Development (CCID), Guiyang Big Data Development Committee, Guiyang City Nanming District Government and Beijing Miteno Communications Technology Co., Ltd. The AI Jia Xiu forum was held during the period of China International Big Data Expo and became one of the core forums of the Big Data Expo, which showed the interactive development between artificial intelligence and big data.

Gathering Lots of Authoritative Experts

At the forum, AI experts and business leaders discussed the new global strategy, new trends and new opportunities for artificial intelligence development. Academician from Chinese Academy of Engineering, Mr. Ni Guangnan, UCL Professor and Dean of Alan Turing Big Data Institute, Prof. Donald Lawrence, NVidia global VP, Mr. Shen Wei and Mr. Zhang Xiaodong gave speeches. At the closed-door conference, Electronics Department of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, Mr. Wu Shengwu, UCL Professor, Prof. Donald Lawrence, Oracle global VP, Mr. Neil Mendelson, Synopsys global president, Mr. Chen Zhikuan, Sensingtech President, Mr. Lu Zhen, Baidu Development Research Center director, Ms. Huang Linli, SAP Silicon Valley Innovation Center Chief Scientist, Mr. Wu Xuening, Wuzhen Think Tank Chief Scientist, Chen Liren and more than 60 AI related government officials, business leaders and research experts discussed the topic of Competing and Cooperation Between the US and China in AI area, and gave suggestions to the development of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Drives Regional Development

As the host site of the forum, Guiyang City Nanming District chose the artificial intelligence industry as a future strategic direction, it issued a series of procedures and acts, and created a suitable environment for AI development. In the forum, Guiyang City Nanming District Government, China's Center for Information Industry Development (CCID), and Beijing Miteno Communications Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement to promote the development of artificial intelligence industry in Nanming District. In addition, eight big projects including Guizhou Yangming Robot Sinology Education Communication Center, Yang Ming Financial Services Platform and so on, signed strategic cooperation agreements, displaying the importance of AI development in Nanming District.

Publishing Research Report on AI Development in the US and China

At the forum, CCID Consulting published a white paper, Comparison of AI Development of the US and China. Based on policy research, industry surves and expert interviews, a standard index of AI development was proposed in the white paper, considering the 4 core factors and 4 environment factors of AI development. The white paper also compared the development level and stage between the US and China's AI industry to find the differences and similarities between the two countries, and give suggestions on development of China's AI industry.

CCID Consulting compared four core factors (algorithm, data basis, application and AI platform) and four environment factors (policy, talent, start-up and R&D investment). Regarding algorithms, the US leads in the MIT AI development list. However, China has had a breakthrough in AI algorithms as well, especially in machine vision. In terms of data, China has a large number of data sources. With the sharing and creation of more data, China's data storage capabilities may exceed the US in the future, which could result in a massive increase of AI application related innovation. In terms of applications, the US AI market is more mature and has a higher product penetration but lower growth rate. China has a larger number of C users, but in B areas such as manufacturing, transportation, finance and medical care, China's development is still behind. However, with the demand for transformation and upgrading via AI applications, Chinese market potential is huge. Currently, the US and China are leaders in global AI development with the US leading China overall. In specific aspects, such as data storage and talent, the gap between the US and China is decreasing.

In the forum, the experts arrived at a consensus that computing power, algorithm and data basis drive the AI development. Big IT companies around the world accelerate the research and innovation of AI chips under plans of smart computing, brain chips and so on. The technology and computing power of GPU and FPGA are largely improved, which brings the AI computing speed to a new level. The algorithms of deep learning, voice and vision processing, and machine learning have solved the problems of intuition. The data basis supports big data mining or specific small data mining to find the hidden pattern, rules and wisdom. Computing power, algorithm and data basis as three basic elements led to the reborn of AI. With the breakthrough of deep learning, data mining in Internet times, and strong computing power of GPU and FPGA, artificial intelligence will develop in a fast pace.

The forum ended successfully and brought deep thinking on opportunities, trends, strategies and enlightenment of global AI developments.

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