Indusgeeks Offers the Best Gamification Solutions in Training

Jun 8, 2017 - (Newswire)

Indusgeeks is a leading gamification company specializing in creating business simulations, gamification solutions and game-based training for all industry kinds and processes including; policy awareness, leadership development, onboarding and induction, sales & soft skills training and safety and compliance. They boast of creating gamification and game-based learning solutions that are cost-efficient, accessible through desktop and mobile gadgets as well as solutions that are compatible with LMS. Their solutions are future-ready and can get ported to different AR and VR devices. Over the years, their superior services have resulted in them working with various institutions such as Fortune 1000 companies, governments across the globe and defense firms. Indusgeeks has helped revive their training content into more structured, interactive, gamified, narrative-driven & immersive experiences.

Talking about Indusgeeks' Interactive Narrative Immersive Training (INIT) platform, the company president said, “INIT is basically the platform that we use to create our simulation-based training, game-based learning and gamification solutions aimed at engaging the users to facilitate improved retention, improved learning and higher productivity in one’s organization. The INIT platform offers a lot of features that ensure it produces only the best. This includes guidance & virtual mentors, gamification and social layer, detailed analytics, assessment, LMS integration and mobile ready.”

Business looking for the best gamification corporate training can trust Indusgeeks to provide them with tried, tested and true solutions. The company believes that business simulations and simulation-based learning are significant tools in the training of learners on intricate subjects in the most effective way possible. Their solutions have so far been of great benefit to learners encouraging improved knowledge retention, overall learner satisfaction and the improved efficiency of grasping new concepts. The company’s gamification corporate training has also provided the learners with an opportunity for hands-on training in situations in a risk-free, safe environment.

Speaking about their gamification training solutions, the company president added, “We will offer only the best to clients looking for customized gamification in training. Our gamification solutions are cost-effective and are a simpler way of enhancing efficiency, reducing time to train and increasing the productivity levels in an organization. We bring almost eight years of experience into this industry of designing simulation-based training solutions personalized to one’s training requirements. Some of the products we’ve worked with that depict the power of simulation training include Dialysis Management, Nurse Training, Medical Services, Battlecare, Virtual Patient Management and Emergency Medical Services and much more.”

When it comes to sales gamification training, Indusgeeks is arguably the best in the field. They’re capable of coming up with soft skills games and games for sales training that utilize their INIT platform to interact with the learner with the goal of boosting the sales throughout the enterprise. With their robust platform, they create excellent, personalized game-based sales training and gamification solutions that will see one’s sales team equipped with the skills they need at a moment’s notice and help reduce the time needed for them to be field-ready.

About Indusgeeks

Indusgeeks is one of the top-rated companies when it comes to providing gamification solutions to clients in different industries. Their quality services have seen them work with top organizations around the world, earning them recognition around the globe as a reliable, innovative service provider.

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