Capstone Capital Consulting Launches Senior Life Settlement Platform for Registered Investment Advisors

Jun 9, 2017 - (Newswire)

- Capstone Capital Consulting has announced the launch of a new business model that will assist Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) in offering Senior Life Settlements as an alternative investment.

Life Insurance Settlements are policies that are sold in an active, competitive-bid secondary market. As a new option that has emerged for insureds that no longer want, need or can afford the cost of their life insurance coverage, settlement has become the preferred method for the disposition of a policy to those informed.

As an alternative investment, Senior Life Settlements have many desirable characteristics. Life settlements are non-correlated to the stock market, geo-political and other macro factors that cause uncertainty. Senior Life Settlements reduce portfolio volatility and provide attractive risk/reward attributes comparatively to other market-traded instruments.

Capstone Director of Client Development, Michael J. Bradburn commented, "It's been said that the investing public has a short memory. As former advisors, we remember. We believe risk management should be as high a priority as capital accumulation and The Capstone Platform addresses these concerns. The Capstone Platform is the result of decades of life settlement, insurance and wealth management experience. The Capstone Business Model is an integration of world-class counter party commercial banks, escrow functions, custodians and proven investor protection best practices. Tell your clients the Senior Life Settlement value story. You will change the perception of your firm's unique brand and culture. We remember."

Capstone Managing Director, Chris Streib also added, "Since Capstone's inception, our mission has been focused on de-risking the Senior Life Settlement asset class as an investment vehicle. Capstone's core competencies are life insurance policy analytics, portfolio construction and post-aggregation portfolio management."

Registered Investment Advisor trends indicate alternative asset classes are playing a much more significant role in asset allocation than ever before. The Capstone Platform can be rapidly integrated into an RIA's practice giving advisors access to a fully turnkey solution to enhance client relationships, grow their practices and do well by doing good.

Jason Bokina

SOURCE Capstone Capital Consulting

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